Everyday Stories - An introduction to sexual and reproductive health rights

This session focuses on identifying sexual and reproductive rights issues and linking them to the everyday work of the health worker. It starts with an exercise in which four stories are compiled by the participants using pictures. Each story addresses different sexual and reproductive health rights issues. In the next step these stories are linked to essential elements of a human rights approach to sexual and reproductive rights. The session is concluded by a discussion about how the important human rights issues can be identified and how to use the elements of a human rights based approach to change the situations from the stories in a positive way.

  • To be able to identify sexual and reproductive rights issues
  • To link sexual and reproductive rights issues to everyday work

Health workers with basic knowledge about human rights.

90 minutes

Users feedback

Very helpful for young trainers

The training manual is very helpful for young trainers. Planning a training session becomes an easy task through it, and the content is very rich and well structured .
We used some activities for the first time in a 3 days training  ..... read more

Sana Sboui and Mayssa Rekhis - Tunesia  - Apr 2012

Very useful

One Big family, Health as a Human Right, Domestic Vioelence and Everyday stories are the most useful session plans for me.  The first two are useful because Right to Health is a relatively new concept in my country.  The latter ..... read more

unknown - Asia - Sep 2011

practical materials

Thank you very much for the very information and practical materials available. Was introduced tot he site through the ESCR-net group in regards to the training.

I am from the Pacific and will try with all effort to get some supp ..... read more

Vani Dulaki - Fiji - Sep 2011